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Coffee Filters

All coffee filters offered by BrewBakers are of the highest quality. Our white paper filters are oxygen bleached without the use of chlorine. While brown paper filters may give off a subtle papery taste, quality oxygen bleached filters do not.

Paper filters remove a greater amount of the coffee oils and granules than metal filters, producing a very "clean" coffee somewhat lighter in body, brighter in taste and clearer in appearance. 

Metal filters allow more of the coffee oils and fine grinds to pass through, producing a much bolder and fuller body cup of coffee compared to paper filters. Coffee brewed using a metal filter will appear cloudy compared to coffee brewed with a paper filter.

Cloth filters allow more oils to pass through than paper filters, but less tan metal filters. This produces a coffee somewhere between a paper filter and a metal filter - more body but without sacrificing the brightness and complexity.

We always recommend pre rinsing any filter with hot water, also pre-warming your filter, filter basket or dripper as well as your carafe, glass or cup. 

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