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Oolong Tea

Hailing from either China or Taiwan, oolong tea is relatively uncommon in the West. Oolongs are semi–oxidized, mid–way between green and black teas. This gives them more body and complexity than a green tea, and more brightness and freshness than a black tea. The flavour of an oolong is mostly determined by oxidation level and roasting, but withering time and how the leaves are tossed, bruised, rolled, compressed and roasted all influence each tea's character.

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  • Tea Blue Spring Oolong 50g

    According to ancient legend, tea growers seeking relief from a great drought made offerings to the Iron Goddess of Mercy, by adding delicate Blue Mallow Flower petals to the tea to represent the crystal blue spring water. Notes of minerals, wheat bread an

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  • Tea Narcissus Oolong 50g

    Narcissus Oolong is considered one of Fujian Province’s finest exports. From the Wuyi region, this tea is lovingly crafted by artisans skilled in the ancient arts of Chinese tea. Notes of light floral with mild fullness reminiscent of Pondicherry red pepp

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  • Tea Se Chung Oolong 50g

    The best China oolongs come from Fujian Province - in the Wuyi Mountains area. Fujian province is the historical ‘birthplace’ of China oolongs. Se Chung Oolong has a shorter fermentation time than other Oolongs from Fujian province resulting in a more sub

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