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Pu-erh tea is fully fermented and aged tea, normally compressed into a "cake".  It is stored for many years and even decades in cool, dry cellars which mellows the flavour and adds smoothness and complexity. Sold like vintage wine, some Pu-erhs are very rare and expensive.  Pu-ehr has rich, smooth and earthy tastes. Pu-ehr can be re-infused many times over, the flavour changing subtly with each infusion.

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  • Tea Pu-Erh Xantou Black Mandarin 27g

    This Pu-erh is packed in the hollowed out peel of a mandarin orange before fermentation and individually wrapped in paper. As the tea ages and ferments it absorbs the flavour of the peel, layering the musty flavour beneath sweet notes of citrus. A unique

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  • Tea Pu-Erh Guangnan Formed Green 400g

    A wonderful example of green Pu-erh  tea with the characteristic, subtle earthy tones you would expect from a quality, smooth Pu-erh. Long leaves of the Yunnan tea variety are lightly fermented before being pressed and steamed. Mellow sweetness with earth

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